Peekay has been providing Misting solutions for more than 20 years in India !!

Misting / Fogging solution helps break water droplet into particles which mix with air to form curtain of fresh air. With the help of Misting System, temperature can be reduced up to 12 degrees, depending on the kind of system being used. Misting can also help distribute perfumes, disinfectants and insecticides.

Misting system is very economical, as air conditioning large areas can be very expensive. These systems are perfect for balconies, garden, patios, outdoor restaurants, cafes.

These systems are also very commonly used in Dairy farms, poultry farms and stables. Another important use of misting solution is in Agriculture. These can be easily installed in greenhouses, orchards etc to bring down the temperature.

We import very high grade and high quality Stainless Steel SS Nozzle, Brass button nozzles, High pressure pipes, clamps, pumps, High pressure nozzle, Ceramic tip nozzles etc.

Misting Nozzle